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Compliant with ICAO & EASA audit & survey standards.

Committed to conduct clients’ objectives to success. Reliable at all stages (economical / production / ethical). Confidentiality & loyalty towards clients & partners.


Sky-Nations offers a comprehensive set of E-Learning aviation training programs. Our online modules are managed by experimented instructors and developed in compliance with the latest ICAO and EASA rules and practices. Those programs are dedicated for flight crew, cabin crew and dispatcher training.

In co-branding with


Today, most airlines are looking to become more efficient by outsourcing their training activities to aviation training organizations that comply with ICAO and EASA air crew training.

In co-branding with FLEXSIM-ATO (France), we offer type-rating (initial and renewall), recurrent training and SFI/TRI (initial and renewall) for Boeing 737-300/-900 and 787 and Airbus A-320 aircraft. We aim to direct and deliver the most supportive crew training experiences to our clients.


Consulting and Audits

Sky-Nations has been actively supporting air organizations in pursuit of operational excellence in the application of regulatory standards.

Airports, airlines and ground service providers can benefit from Sky-Nations’ experienced team of auditors in preparing for the implementation of technical or operational requirements. At Sky-Nations, we have developed highly effective methods, resulting in fast and qualitative processes that will guarantee your success when audited.


Aruba aircraft registration

Aruba is a taxefficient offshore jurisdiction with an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective and personalized services with 24/7 support.

Over the course of nearly two decades, Aruba has established itself as the pinnacle of excellence for registering Private, Corporate, and/or Commercial Aircraft. While continuing to uphold the highest regulatory standards in compliance with the ICAO standards.

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